The Guardia Civil penalty to Jalopnik while testing the Ford Focus RS 2016 in Spain


Without a doubt, is the talk of the afternoon on Twitter. And is that the guys at Jalopnik have uploaded a tweet in which they limited it to say, “Testing the Ford Focus RS 2016 in Spain right now”, accompanied by a photograph that we could see a provision of the Civil Guard, along with the alternative radical of the compact Ford. A stamp that has generated many reactions on this social network. The Guardia Civil penalty to Jalopnik, more specifically, to one of their testers of cars.

In the first place and although it may seem a lie, Máté Petrány (driver) and Bill Caswell (photographer) were not circulating above the maximum speed permitted in the zone. When Petrány should be to overtake the vehicle in which he was found Caswell, a closed curve with very poor visibility made that overtaking impossible, so both of them began to gesticulate, and made signals with her arms when they reached the height where it was the Civil Guard.


The meritorious was not there by chance, according to appointment Petrány, had happened a few minutes before an accident with a motorcycle. The to have exceeded a continuous line was enough for the boys of traffic, given the high and, as stated, have a conversation 110$ (100€) with the driver. In the beginning thought that a warning would be enough (often naive).

incidentally, Máté also took time to complain about the sound that is emitted by Alpha diesel of the Civil Guard. In the end, this leaves us clear once more that the car testers, despite having in their hands a car of high range and power, must always respect the traffic rules.