The guys hard Bentley


The Sportsman Coupe was baptized as the Blue Train Special in honor of the “famous” bet

the Mid-1930s, Carlton Hotel in Cannes. The pilot and a millionaire owner of diamond mines Woolf Barnato I read the newspaper while eating breakfast with some friends. Someone commented that it would be very difficult to reach by car from Cannes to Calais before the Blue Train, the luxurious BIRD of the season. A man of challenges as Barnato could not miss the opportunity and then came the bet, even I get to step: you would be able to reach the Conservative Club in the centre of London, before the train reached Calais, go vacilada!!! But on the outside because the one who said it was a three-time 24 hours of Le Mans.

it Is easy to imagine the Bentley Boys surrounded by girls, bottles of champagne, sailing the Mediterranean, and organizing festivities in Cannes, but was not at all as well

This bet was the last of the legend of the Bentley Boys, those bad guys that are riding big cars and heavy trucks (so defined Ettore Bugatti) were responsible for winning many races and led to the brand, founded in 1919, right to the top in just a decade.

The image that one makes a Bentley Boy is that of a young guaperas cheers from bottles of champagne and surrounded by girls with long legs, but not. Walter Owen Bentley forbade the girls in the pit, the drivers would not partake in the races, something common at the time, and everything was planned with the objective of selling more cars.

Although it is true that some of these guys if they hit the party from time to time, it is the case of Tim Birkin once in a when desmadraba, but not the case of Barnato. Woolf Barnato was the best pilot of the team, possessed a profound knowledge of mechanics, never disobeyed an order and it seemed that no one failed ever. Only someone like him could bet in your favor 100 pounds in a real madness for the time, journey around France at an average speed higher than 70km/h.


Woolf Barnato (second from left) was the winner of the bet

The millionaire was meticulous in the preparation of your plan, so much so that he hired two petrol stations to keep them open to your step in addition to a tanker at another point of the route. Speed Six with an engine 6.5-liter came out of the Carlton Hotel in Cannes at 17:54, and Barnato took his favourite café in London at 15:30 on the following day, with four minutes of advantage on the luxurious train.

Six months later, the model of low ceiling Sportsman Coupe was baptized with the name of Blue Train Special and is likely to be one of the cars most beautiful of the brand. Currently Bentley retains one fully restored and displayed in the Retromobile Paris 2015. Not the original Barnato but the one that commemorates his feat, as Barnato used one of the 182 Speed Six that were built between 1929 and 1930, all with engine 180Cv.

Thus was born a legend, a kind of slogan that the brand has carried since then in their DNA and that has printed on all of their cars, because for the Bentley Boys “the important thing is to win but still be a gentleman.”


The Sportsman Coupe remains one of the most beautiful of the brand