The half a million Volkswagen 2.0 TDI purchased in the united States could end up crushed

Volkswagen TDIFinally, it has made public the agreement of Volkswagen with the us authorities on the case dieselgate in the american country. Two days ago was leaking to the press the conditions of the same and today the Department of Justice of united States has made it official. As I told before yesterday, the German company will offer the owners affected by the scandal to repurchase their vehicles. What we didn’t know was where to go to stop those thousands of 2.0 TDI repurchased. A question that already have answer, but a solution will go to the crusher.

as simple As that. The models which mount the mentioned engine with the illegal reduction of emissions could end up “recycled”, said gently. Not to be repaired, that is to say, that you make the necessary changes to comply with the regulations, these units repurchased cannot be sold. If the company cannot find a solution for these engines to pass the controls in a legal way, their future will not be very promising because it will end up being part of scrapyards.

Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDINot to allow the sale to scrapyards of their electronic control units, particulate filters or oxidation catalysts selective. In addition, in order to be considered “recycled”, it will be required that the engine is unable to return to work, drilling in block a hole 7.5 cm in diameter. A few measures will ensure that the affected models does not come back to life.

may Not be exported to a region in which the regulations in pollution control is more flexible and allows your circulation. According to the agreement, cars need to be mounted a system according to its original specifications. With all this, the future of the 2.0 TDI involved is, to say the least, black. We will continue pending the case dieselgate to give you the latest information.

Source – Jalopnik