The half of the history of this Corvette 1967 gives you to fill a whole life


In the past 50 years, this Corvette has had a life very intense.

The selected title has not been casual or exaggerated, with half of the history of this Corvette you’d have for a lifetime of anecdotes in all the concentrations that you can imagine or in the bar of any bar. Endowed with the specifications most rare and radical available of the range, winner in competition and even vehicle of a member of organized crime among other curiosities, this Corvette of the second generation can boast of not being a mere copy more of the sporty american.

Even today can boast of success, because after a deep refreshing, received the certification Bloomington Gold 2013. Bloomington Gold is a reputed organization established in 1973 to preserve the legacy of the Corvette, and is certified to endorse only the best copies of the model, taking that to possess the highest score (95 points out of 100 in its analysis) in order to receive the coveted certification.

This copy of the Corvette Sting Ray 1967 also has its own name, is known by the nickname “Bounty Hunter” (bounty hunter).


it Was nicknamed the Bounty Hunter for their success in competition.

Its first owner was Vernon Turner, he bought it only and exclusively to participate in competitions of the National Hot Rod Association, the championship, which regulates the competitions, Drag Races in the united States. For this reason did not purchase a simple Corvette Sting Ray more, but what was expressly requested with the options more radical existing in the catalog of the model, which were not few at that time.

Has the mechanical version most powerful available in the whole of the second generation of the model, the V8 L71 427 Big-Block Tri-Power Turbo-Jet. This block, available to anyone who requests it at the dealership but designed for competition, has a 7.0 liter displacement and is powered by 3 carburettors double body. Your figure of power at that time was the highest in the entire history of the Corvette, 441 HP (435 hp).

Was associated with a 4-speed manual transmission Muncie M21 close-ratio and had the option of suspension more radical, exhaust, side and disc brakes on all 4 wheels. Interestingly, he was also in charge with radio, electric windows and power steering, so that it is one of the Corvettes equipped with the powerful engine L71 with better resourcing that came out of the factory.


Champion in racing and a member of the mafia.

Although he was only with the about half a year, it was Turner who decided to rebautizarlo with the nickname “Bounty Hunter”, because of the dozens of trophies that managed to harvest with the black Corvette in those few months.

After Turner, her next owner was Harold Klinger, a character apparently related to organized crime who had in his possession until he was killed. The Corvette appeared often in the surveillance video to the FBI while they were investigating to Klinger and other members of your organization. After Klinger, the Corvette went through many different hands until it reappeared in the mid-eighties, starting a restoration that lasted for years.

After that first restoration, the Corvette won many prizes in different events, such as the NCRS Top Flight, Bloomington Gold and the Chevy Vettefest Gold Spinner. It was even the subject of an article in the magazine “Corvette Enthusiast”, before falling into the hands of the collector, Gary Runyon, who took him to the renowned workshop of the brothers Naber subject to a complete restoration and restore it to the original appearance of the factory. After this, in 2013 received new awards, NCRS and Bloomington Gold.


in Addition, she hid for years a surprise inside.

if this doesn’t might seem enough, during one of its restorations and discovered a surprise hidden inside. After one of the valve covers appeared the signature of the very Zora Ankus-Duntov and several members of the development team for the program Chevrolet Corvette. This cover is now in a glass case to be preserved and delivered with the vehicle itself.

so it is not surprising the estimates with which this comes to auction next month of January in Kissimmee, which points to him priced between 350,000 and $ 450,000. To get an idea of its value, in the same auction we found a Corvette Sting Ray Convertible 167 equipped with the same V8 engine L71 427 of 441 HP and a manual transmission 4-relations, in spite of having also with the rare combination of black color with the motif red (called a Stinger) in the hood, this one has some estimates that put it at between 130,000 and $ 150,000.

In total we can find up to 29 units of the Corvette C2 1967 in that
same auction, many of them with several variants of the V8 427
Big-Block but none gets close to the figures of “Bounty Hunter”. Of
in fact, with this color combination it is believed that only built 4
copies coupes with the engine L71, which coincidentally
we find another in the same auction. This one also has the same
and rare mechanical options, but its estimated value higher does not reach
the minimum amount announced by the auction house for the copy of the