The Halo is not convincing to pilots, but the FIA insists on using it in 2018


Although the introduction of the Halo is expected to 2018, which this will occur is not or much less confirmed. Many are pilots who refuse to use as ineffective or believing that makes it difficult in excess of the output of the cockpit and the equipment must be approved by a majority before the month of may to be included in the regulation of 2018.

The Halo has passed the crash tests of the FIA and, as the lead agency, is ready to be used, but there are still disagreements and, according to Motorsport, the federation opted to poll the opinion of all the riders the past month of January. In this regard, a spokesman for the FIA said that “until now we have received answer of 16 pilots, and to say that opinions are divided 50/50. Some are clearly against, some strongly in favour, and others remain on the sidelines. Any team or driver who says that the Halo is not utilizarará in 2018 is in an error, the Strategy Group agreed ‘protection extra front’ for this year and the Halo is the only proper design that we have today,”, said this spokesman, who also confirmed that the Aeroscreen of Red Bull, as well as other options that may arise, are also being investigated. “The Strategy Group has asked the FIA to investigate other solutions that don’t have the ‘inconvenience’ of the Halo”.

And is that, from the beginning, the Halo has raised a wave of criticism among pilots, engineers and in general all the sectors involved in the Formula 1. “forward Vision, claustrophobia, the output of the pilot of the car and pull have been cited as problematic by some pilots. Although, as we have said before, we believe that these problems can be resolved and overcome to the satisfaction of all. In fact, we could even imagine that all they would also like something that was more aesthetically pleasing”.

The pilots Association (GPDA) is also pending evolution of the situation and, in the words of its President Alex Wurz, supports the FIA in its search of the safety of the riders, even if they do not agree on the final result. “I Am encouraged by the fact that the parties concerned, the FIA and the F1, including the drivers in the decision-making process, something that has emerged in recent times and is positive, but issues of safety have been and will be the responsibility of the FIA, something that the pilots I expressed as an opinion in an internal survey which we carry out with all the F1 drivers, including reserves. We respect fully the role and the position of the FIA. After all, this procedure has worked well for decades and in the opinion of the GPDA should not change. Be assured that the association is very pleased and supports the actors of our sport for the future of the competition, their fans, their security, and sustainability”, ended Wurz.