The Haval H2 and H6 are sold in Peru

Great Wall has decided that Haval is a sub-brand and not a family of models within your firm, and this decision extends also to the international markets. The H2 and H6 are sold in Peru in versions of simple traction and 4×4.

Haval-H2-1En China, Haval is independent of Great Wall as a sub-brand that’s only dedicated to the manufacture of SUVs. Like what happened in other Latin american markets, Haval landed at the peruvian market, where, in principle, have the expectation of achieving placed about 600 units per year and try to be among the 10 brands of SUVs, but sold in Peru.

The initial offer of Haval in Peru consists of the compact H2 cutting an urban and H6, a SUV of great size and in terms of quality, to tone with any of its rivals eastern and even european. it Is for this reason that they try to compete, not against the rest of the chinese brands present in the market, but against the european and japanese.

Haval-H2-4The H2 is offered in three different versions: 4×2 City, 4×2 Service and 4×4 Dignity, two of them associated to the system of simple traction to the front wheels and one of them to the four-wheel drive. All versions of iran combined with a engine Turbo VGT with block of 4 cylinders, 1.5 litres camshaft, 16-valve a power of 141 horsepower to 5,600 RPM with 210 Nm of torque available between 2,200 and 4500 RPM, by the time associated with a manual change of six marches.

In terms of equipment, the Haval H2 has elements such as ABS brakes, six airbags (front, side, and curtain), air conditioning, keyless access, power button, audio system with 8-inch touch screen, navigation system, cruise control speed-sensing, pullback, and alloy wheels of 18 inches. The later versions equipped feature system of blind spot detection and camera back.


The Haval H6 has a design more elegant, a body of 4,64 meters of length and is also offered in versions 4×2 City, 4×2 Service and 4×4 Dignity. Their equipment is very complete, and includes the same elements as the H2, in addition to a finished interior more refined, which includes upholstery leather, electrically adjustable seats, mirrors and thermal sensors of setback, among others.

The offer mechanics includes the same turbo engine of 1.5 liters, with the same power in the smaller version.

The suggested prices for Peru are the following:

Haval H2 4X2 CITY S/ 57.568 (17.990$)
Haval H2 4X2 DIGNITY S/ 63.968 (19.990$)
Haval H2 4X4 DIGNITY S/ 68.768 (21.490$)
Haval H6 4X2 CITY S/ 63.968 (19.990$)
Haval H6 4X2 DIGNITY S/ 70.368 (21.990$)
Haval H6 4X4 DIGNITY S/ 76.768 (23.990$)