The head of the team of Haas: “I Hope that we can be in the middle of grill”


Photo: Haas.

The new team Haas has passed the crash test, and it is almost ready to debut in the preseason that will take place in Barcelona. His team leader, Guenther Steiner spoke for the official website of the Formula 1 and acknowledged that it was a relief: “Obviously it was good to pass that test, since not doing so would delay the manufacturing of the car, and that would have been a bad news”. The car still gets time to be to the point, but you are not concerned: “As you can understand, the car is not yet complete. It will end only a few days before the test, I suppose, like most of the other teams”. The main objective is to bring the car to Montmel√≥ and start working: “The priority is to reach the pre-season on time and be better prepared, so we can use the few days that we have to understand the car and make the most out of working all together,”. Don’t want to give predictions, but it expresses a desire: “we’ll see how the future unfolds, but I hope that we can be in the middle part”.

Guenther had to clarify the optimistic statements of Gene Haas on Ferrari and believes that it is too early to know where you are going to be each: “What that meant is that our chassis is different in the construction of the Ferrari and we have had more time to work on it. But at this point it’s simply a guess to know where is located all over the world. All have been developing their cars and we will have a better idea after the test, although we won’t really know anything until Melbourne”. However, yes it does get wet over another team with an engine in Italian, Toro Rosso: “it is Always very difficult to predict how they are going to be other rivals before the test, but I think that a well established team such as Toro Rosso should be in front of us, even with the engine 2015”.

The head of the team gave more details of how to pay Haas season: “At the races will take you around 60 men, less than other teams. In general we have 180 men working in three countries, three different locations“. In addition to the single-seater, it will be important to the performance of all members of the team, something they have been working on: “One of our biggest challenges is to make the team effective. For example, we have been practicing pit stops from December to make sure we are as prepared as possible for Australia”. Finally, he referred to Grosjean, which is of no distrusts in spite of your good words towards his former team, Renault: “Mentioned enough times that he is happy to have joined the Haas, and it is normal that the French have an eye in the team Renault to see how they progress”.