The heartwarming story of the BMW 3 Series E30 with 24 years and over 500,000 miles crossed Africa

Percy is something more than a car, especially for Mike, his owner, who like many drivers who love their car decided to personify this BMW 318i E30 with a name very human. Mike, who after an accident was in a wheelchair, managed to convince their friends to achieve a very special challenge, the crossing the african continent, from south to north, and arrive to Europe from south Africa in this BMW, to return it to the place in which he was born more than two decades ago. An incredibly challenging for a car than when you started the route he had already been on their backs more than 500,000 miles. Ahead would still have more than 18,000 kilometres, spectacular scenery, tracks unpaved that – bad calls roads – could become a pedregal in the following section, and a adventure nothing simple.

The challenge, in addition to being very complex, hides a story of overcoming endearing, Mike and their friends, to get to cross the african continent in three and a half months and go to Europe.

The team was put in place, in Cape Town, a good 4 April 2014. The route had to pass through 17 countries, with the aim to reach Munich in about three and a half months. After south Africa, would have to go through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and Israel, before making the leap to Europe, and in Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Austria, and finally Germany.

let us Remember, once more, that the whole of the route would be made in a BMW 318i of the late eighties, with more than 500,000 kilometres on the scoreboard, a gasoline engine, about 100 BHP of power and, of course, without all-wheel drive, or a suspension designed to cope with large events out of the asphalt.

The team managed to complete its trip, from Cape Town to Munich, in 105 days, just in time to meet your goal and deliver this BMW for recycling at the plant in Munich. There they had the opportunity to see the recycling process of a car, and watch as those huge machines are capable of “swallowing” a car and tear apart the engine, transmission, and body. A good time, perhaps, to rethink whether that would be an end honorable to a car that had lived so many stories.

The outcome, however, I prefer not to destriparlo and conminaros to enjoy the video BMW has released within their #BMWstories. It is worth it.

Source: BMW | Back My Wheels
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