The high demand of the e-Golf requires Volkswagen to double its production

One of the leading manufacturers of the entire history of the car is Volkswagen. Among its most popular models, we can highlight the Beetle, the famous van Volkswagen T1, the Polo, the Passat and, of course, the Volkswagen Golf. This last is one of the cars more known in the world and, currently, the compact for excellence. One of its versions is the e-Golf today has in such high demand that forces the brand to double its production.

The Volkswagen Golf received a restyling in 2017 which is also updated this electric version called the e-Golf. This restyling is not only varied slightly in aesthetics, but improved beyond the capabilities of the compact electric. Among other things, nearly doubled its autonomy going from 190 to 300 miles according to the cycle of approval NDEC. It also increased its power until the 136 CV and its top speed up to a non-negligible 150 km/h.

, it Appears that the improvement of the Volkswagen e-Golf has convinced “many” customers to opt for the electric German, in such a way that the demand surpassed the production. That said, the home of the “people’s car” was forced to duplicate the model manufacture electric at its plant in Dresden, moving from one work shift to two. Therefore, they will join 35 units a day to 70, about 2,100 a month in total from the next month of march.

Despite the good records that now he is reaping the Volkswagen e-Golf, the company do not launch a new variant electric compact when you reach the eighth generation, though it is almost guaranteed to keep for a while in marketing. This power will be replaced by the production model of the Volkswagen I. D. Concept, with an architecture completely new and designed exclusively for electric cars which received the name of MEB.

on the other hand, and as we speak of production, we must highlight the good year of manufacture of Volkswagen at the global level. The brand of Wolfsburg, which has about 50 production plants around the world, to close this year 2017 with nothing less than 6 million units assembled; a figure that had never before achieved.

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