The highest roller coaster in Europe is already built!… and is in Ferrari Land!

Ferrari Land promises to, and much. This theme park on the universe Ferrari is part of Port Aventura, and as we advance in our special about Ferrari Land, will have roller coaster most radical of Europe. Still has no name, but it is known unofficially as “the accelerator”. Also will beat records, as it is the highest roller coaster in Europe. Reaches nothing less than 112 meters of height. The good news is that the construction of this engineering work has already reached its highest point.

How will Ferrari Land? You we have 7 questions and answers.

This roller coaster ride will speed up its occupants from 0 to 180 km/h in about 5 seconds, by subjecting them to an acceleration of 1.35 G. After this brutal acceleration, will its occupants to 112 meters of height… and drop on the other side, with a tilt completely vertical. If you are fans of this type of attractions, I’m sure you already feel the tingling in your stomach. Beat by almost 40 meters high Shambhala, which before was the highest roller coaster in the continent – also located in Port Aventura.

ferrari-land-2-1440pxThe cars on this roller coaster ride will be painted in the color “Rosso Corsa”, official Scuderia Ferrari. In addition to this attraction, we can enjoy in a go-kart track 570 meters in length, 8 simulators, several shuttles from 55 metres high – the typical “slingshot” – in addition to restaurants and shops, located in a series of streets that visitors can see a recreation of Italy and its monuments, typical. Ferrari Land will open its doors in 2017, in time for the tourist season on the Costa Dorada.

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