The Himoinsa Racing Team ready for Dakar 2016


The Himoinsa Racing Team has presented its project for the Dakar 2016 in Madrid. Training Spanish composed by a total of five riders represents one of the strongest teams and large category of bikes, outside of the official structures. Is comprised entirely of Spanish participants, as under the colors of the squad murcia will compete Gerard Farrés, Ivan Cervantes, Antonio Gimeno, Rosa Romeo and Dani Oliveras. A lineup of riders of great level who will be under the aegis of Miguel Gates, hanging the monkey to lead this exciting project.

The team Himoinsa Racing Team will have five-KTM motorcycle, although not all units have the same specifications. Ivan Cervantes, Gerard Farres and Antonio Gimeno will compete with three units of the KTM 450 Rally 2016, matching this choice with all the drivers that may have a more ambitious goal. For his part, Rosa Romero and Dani Oliveras will compete with two KTM 450 EXC 2016 Kit Rally, frame slightly less up-to-date than its sister range. The wife of Nani Roma and the young Catalan driver will seek to achieve the goal of this Dakar 2016 improving day-to-day their benefits.


despite being a private team, the Himoinas Racing Team has
taken a step forward in terms of effort to present a structure
powerful and balanced to be able to be able to fight with the formations
. In order to achieve this end, the team will have a support formed by a 6×6 truck and 2 support vehicles, that is
be dedicated solely and exclusively to support
their co-training. In total 12 people will be at the service of
the pilots
, who throughout the season have been prepared in the Low
Aragon and in the TransAnatolia Rally.

Ivan Cervantes is the
rookie of the team
. Played for the first time the Dakar, but their
titles of Enduro are a good cover letter. Although during the
the presentation stated that in the medium term is to fight for the final victory,
Cervantes will have to go step by step and moment to fight to end the
Dakar. The same goal shared by Rosa Romero, the veteran Antonio Gimeno and
the young Dani Oliveras, in the process of learning after its passage
by Gas Gas. Level of experience and performance, without a doubt, Gerard
Farrés is the spearhead of the project