The history of the SEAT in 90 seconds

The last campaign of SEAT is a video of 90 seconds, which summarize history of the manufacturer, its origin, 100% Spanish, and its impact on the country. With more than 60 years of history -since 1953-in SEAT, combines today the mediterranean design with the highest technology of the German VAG Group. In addition, it is the main industrial investor in R & D in Spain and represents approximately the 1% of our GDP.

More than 60 years of history

SEAT was able to mobilize the entire country when they launched the 600 in 1957, the year that changed the life of many spaniards. Thanks to its Technical Centre in Martorell, inaugurated 40 years ago, SEAT is the only company with the ability to design, develop, manufacture and market cars in Spain. He currently employs, directly or indirectly, to 70,000 people.

Backed by the Volkswagen Group, the Spanish manufacturer will continue to grow and innovate with the latest German technology, but without forgetting its origins. In 1984 was born the legend of the SEAT Ibiza which has been successful from the beginning and in 2016 will be born another legend, the first SUV of SEAT that is sure to become with the time a model is just as important.

The SEAT 600 mobilized the entire country

From a historical perspective it is undeniable the contribution of SEAT to the development of the automobile industry in Spain ,” says the expert on the history of the automobile and founder of Auto Retro, Fermín Sulé.we Offer innovative and competitive solutions ”, and design “ of a distinctive character, able to generate emotions ,” says Gabriele Palma, Marketing Director of SEAT Spain.

The video of 90 seconds will be issued in the main chains of Spanish television, in addition to be projected just before the new installment of Star Wars in the movie theaters in Madrid and Barcelona.