The history of the SEAT in the video, as you’ve never seen

Historia de SEAT en vídeo

SEAT is a brand of great tradition in the european market, the heart mark, Latin and Spanish for excellence that has been with us for over 60 years. This period has allowed him to create a legacy that is now collected in video, a review moving to his more than 6 decades of life in which reminds us with grace several of the most important moments of its history. .

Thus ends 2015 SEAT, remembering all that has happened before. Opening, not in vain, a door to the future of which we can already begin to see some light. Proud we quote its beginning as the SEAT 600, which motorized to Spain. Does not forget his own, to their employees, which is manufactured in Martorell, the floor of the SEAT in Catalonia that has become a benchmark in the own group VAG.


Ibiza is probably the greatest example in the video that looks back on his history, from first generation up to the current one, with its versions Cupra sports that you just updated. The Lion is another of the flanks shaking of the SEAT and, as could not be otherwise, is presented as one of the protagonists of the recording. The competition has a special place in the memory. And in the present.

it Is interesting, in this time of reviewing what has happened over the year, that SEAT remember his story of this so closely and easily. It is only a minute and a half of images, minute and a half in which to discover the evolution from the beginning of a brand that we all know.

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