The history of the Subaru Outback that I wanted to be adventurous (with video)

Subaru OutbackFrom the stands SUV to enter with force into our vocabulary some years ago, we have not ceased to utter them. Respond to Sport Utility Vehicle, and there is question precisely of a body type not seen before or a new concept, but the proliferation of segments dedicated to group models of these characteristics, it has continued to increase at a rapid pace. And is that we don’t know where we’re going to get with so many interpretations of what, without so much acronym, called todocamino.

In general terms, this class of vehicle leave the dealer with little desire and intentions to do kilometres off the road, bringing a clear focus to the road. Although today we are prepared to break a little your schemes. I have the story of Grant Wilson, an adventurer who proposed to launch out to explore new lands on board of her Subaru Outback practicing driving 4×4 demanding and also recorded in video. Do you think Grant was able to complete his adventure? Bets…

Grant Wilson and his Subaru Outback


as I told, the vast majority of the models coined with the term SUV, even though dressing up with accessories that we see in suvs, are not really prepared to face a driving purely off-road. The height, the parts, the chassis, the traction, which in most cases is front, give us no margin to be able to require the model in question in ways not to say high difficulty, but simply the complications of mid-range.

Big Wilson, the protagonist of this story, I was not in agreement with this, and it was proposed to embark on the adventure with your precious Subaru Outback. Of course, his much beloved gem was awarded a settings start to roll, changes that were coming to protect elements of the body, from the bowels of the vehicle or, in summary, material to cope with this challenge. Yes, for custodiarle was enough of two bodyguards who of this you know for a while, names from the world of off-road as the Toyota Tacoma and the FJ Cruiser.

The transformation

Subaru OutbackThe mission is a recurrent Grant was to bring the adventure to a model that, in its nature, has more predilection for the road by the sand. And is that the Subaru Outback has a body of SUV family of 4.81 meters in length, 1.8 metres wide and just over 1.6 meters high, to which must be added a ground clearance of 20 centimeters and a configuration that looks for comfort in motion at speeds typical of the road. If you have been effective awd Subaru or systems such as the control of the descent, it is primarily its anatomy, with corbels non-slim dimensions and a battle generous, what more difficult for this family sobreelevado to be able to face great obstacles.

For this reason some modifications were required. tires substituted for other more oriented to an off-road driving, the guts of the model were made with protections more robust and reinforcements in the body and in elements such as the suspension. In the same way in the ceiling were installed bars to be able to transport the material in which is included a canvas to the work of the tent to be able to work on the car or protect against the atmospheric agents. Everything to make this experience a real adventure.


Subaru OutbackAnd there was a Subaru Outback become explorer. To give the scenario we got to go up to Pennsylvania, just in the borough of Tremont. The action comes fast. Before the end of the first minute, as we can see in the video that tells the story, a tape by the way included in the program, “Truck Yeah!” that account of the experiences off-road more radical and daring than I can imagine, as the Outback dares to cross, with the intersection of axes or with stones who seem to brought from the hell itself.

by Removing some stops to test the ground or to get out of some quagmire, to the naked eye does not seem that it will cost too much to keep the pace imposed by the Tacoma and the FJ Cruiser. Really looks curious, a landscape of stone and of extensive vegetation, two veterans in this adventure as these Toyota and, on the screen, the shiny gray of the Outback. The same Grant goes on to relate every corner conquered this foray, telling us about from the miles that were filling in until the problems that were appearing and the same was rectified. A way that was not exempt from difficulties, but that ended up with very good note for the Subaru Outback.

The SUV of the Spanish market with better capabilities off-road

Range Roverof course, we’re not going to leave with our SUV to imitate Grant Wilson on a Sunday morning, since in addition to go escorted by two suvs cigars, riding accessories in your car that extended its capabilities off-road. But if we can treat ourselves a little out of the road and enjoy a landscape of mountain, in any route that required more than usual, or simply to breathe fresh air outside of the chaotic city. What of the SUV in our market we would be more useful for this task?

As we know, the SUV’s have to deal with that double-edged sword, to give safety on the road and allow some escapes out of it without having to regret having done so. In addition, of course, these SUV’s should give us the comfort that provides us with a tourism, that is to say, materials of quality, riding comfort or practical solutions. Among the todocaminos that we find in the market that allow us to more rides intense outside the firm asphalt are the Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser or veteran Mercedes G Class.

The models presented above are more close to being an off-road pure, modernized with the passage of the years, it’s an SUV. The Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk or the Fiat Panda Cross are some examples of SUVS derived from passenger cars with capacities off-toad more extreme.

To finish, a brief mention of the origins of the SUV

Jeep WagoneerTo scratch and find the real birth of the SUV, we have to look back, specifically to the sixties, when the Jeep Wagoneer came to the automobile market. This model, which specifically looked at the light in 1963, was the first model 4×4 that combined the off-road skills at that time with items that are linked to comfort such as air conditioning or power seats. Was the predecessor Grand Cherokee that we know today and that we already did a test off-road, one of the maximum exponents of this current. So much so, that the projects Touareg and Cayenne were launched to compete with the american.

Some claim that the blame for the proliferation of the SUV segment, at least as plantemaos today, the has the Toyota RAV4. This is because in 1994 presented a model with an image of off-road capabilities to get out of the asphalt, but with comicidades of tourism and measures of compact. It was practical, easy to drive and fun, plus it had a more competitive price. Behind him, the thing has not stopped growing. Renault Capture, Nissan Qashqai, Jeep Reneagade, Skoda Yeti, Volkswagen Tiguan…

Fotogafías – Flicker Grant Wilson

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