The Holden UTE that will never reach the market could be as well

Holden UTE

The new Opel Insignia Grand Sport is just around the corner and several months after that to land in the main european markets will come to Australia. However in your front won’t look the ray that represents the signature of Rüsselsheim, but the leon Holden and the stone that give life to the corporate identity of the australian firm. The Badge will transform into the new Commodore which will be the first model of Holden in which the brand’s engineers have not designed or developed, or a screw.

The Grand Sport is the first body (5-door, the 4 is not available in this generation) that will have the new saloon average of General Motors will then follow the family Sport Tourer (if you do not change the name). Both silhouettes also should come to Australia, but the country and Holden will be orphaned not having available (and not expected at the moment) another variant very valued and sold among the customers of the country.

Opel Insignia Grand Sport

UTE or coupes suvs with the form of pick-up derivatives of sedans, are very much appreciated by the customers of the country but the new Commodore will not have this body. However, as dreaming is free and in addition there are no limits to this, Theophilus Chin offered us with this recreation of how this could be a future Commodore UTE developed on the next Flagship Grand Sport.

however, as in the dreams, dreams are, this body UTE has no or too few chances of getting to the market. The reason is that General Motors array (Holden and Opel) don’t want to allocate more resources for vehicles that have a sales minority and therefore will not generate an economic return high. In addition, UTEs traditional are propulsion rear and the platform of the Insignia is traction, so that would go against the spirit of the model and therefore the market would reject it.

Be that as it may it is a pity that Holden and Australia lost a vehicle of these features for saving of a handful of millions of dollars (which is sure to General Motors you can spare).

Source – Theophilus Chin

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