The home of F1 racing in the wet to debate


The teams of Formula 1 will discuss this week the proposal of change the check-out procedure in wet conditions in order to avoid situations like the one experienced in the GP of Great Britain. In this way, on top of the table is the idea of maintain a start under the Safety Car with so many turns as may be necessary as a mode of turns of training, the big difference is that once completed, this would not be a departure launched, but all the cars would stop, and it would perform a normal boot with the usual procedure of the traffic light.

Although this proposal had already been studied for each situation of Safety Car, the idea was rejected because of its complexity, although it can recover to a situation of wet at the start of the Grand Prix. An idea that also has its advantages as the pilots could not change the tires before the actual start of the race, so that all would have to start the test with the extreme wet tyres chosen. In this way, the AIF you get to avoid a spinout in massive boxes to put on intermediate tyres in the story is up to the Safety Car.

Be that as it may, and with variables to study, the Heads of the Teams will discuss this proposal at the Meeting of the Sporting Regulations that is celebrated on Wednesday, July 27th, for a day after bring this idea to the meeting of the Strategy Group. For the moment, voices with weight in the paddock as the Toto Woff or Lewis Hamilton have already been shown to favor a solution similar to this, while Jenson Button recalls that the track conditions can sometimes make it too difficult to carry out an output at a standstill, especially level of visibility.