The Honda Civic Coupe 2016 is shown practically bare

it Will be one of the great performances that take place in the Hall of Los Angeles, which opens its doors next week. The american exhibit will be loaded with new features, and one of them will be the Honda Civic Coupe 2016. Although we have already seen, it is now when it has shown almost bare.


The Civic Coupe 2016 will resemble a lot to the prototype presented at the beginning of the year

Honda claims that the new generation of the Civic, a model with a long history behind it, re-count with a large number of versions and bodies. To the already known Honda Civic Sedan 2016, which will also be exhibited in the city’s angelina, is added to the three-door version and a three-volume.

it Is clear that Honda has decided to have the design almost complete prototype that we presented at the beginning of the year in the Hall of New York, the Honda Civic Concept. In fact it is so similar that we even see the same color in electric green both liked it and that you sure will not pass unnoticed on the roads of america.

however it is necessary to note clear differences between the prototype and the final version of road. The element that is missing is the rear spoiler that the concept if he rode. Surely this appendix aerodynamic will be included in the versions most sports, the Type R. Something that we have already seen in the Honda Civic Sedan Type R, which in its time rolled by the circuit German Nürburgring.


A new image, very different with respect to the Civic american current

beyond that, not know more data about the coupe version. It is assumed that it will share mechanical with his brother’s body long run, but for the moment it is unknown. What we do know is that these versions will not arrive on the old continent. Here we continue counting with the Honda Civic in the compact format.