The Honda Civic Hatchback can be seen on the way to the united States

Honda Civic Hatchback In the past Hall Geneva, we were able to meet the Honda Civic Hatchback. The new compact was displayed in prototype form with an image more sporty. We already knew that , there would be little differences between the conceptual model and the production, but until now we had not been able to verify this. Luckily we get some pictures of the new generation of the Civic totally exposed and we can already confirm it.

Has been caught in Southampton (United Kingdom), just as he was about to ship headed for the united States. Remember that the new Civic Hatchback will continue to be manufactured in Swindon (United Kingdom), although it will export to all the world, that the this is a global model. In the images of time can only be appreciate your back, which is practically equal to that of the prototype.

Honda Civic Hatchback Of the front expect it to be similar to to the types of body sedan and coupe, which are already sold in America. The same thing happens with the interior, of which we have not yet seen anything, but there will just be changes. In terms of their range of engines, it seems that the united States only come with a petrol turbo 1.5-liter and 175 HP. Here in Europe, too, there would come a three-cylinder turbo 1.0 litre and an improved version of the diesel 1.6 i-DTEC.

it Seems that the new Honda Civic Hatchback will be formally unveiled in its production version to the end of the year. There is even talk of a presentation in October at the Paris Salon. It is a model with a great power and we can be sure that it will sport versions. In the first place we could get to see a variant If with a power of about 230 HP. After that came the new Type R that would keep the same engine but would be over 310 HP.

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