The Honda Civic Hatchback is filtered from the patent office


Since several generations ago, the Civic didn’t have a sedan body

The new generation of Honda Civic will bring with it new versions. Good new not exactly. The japanese brand wants Europe to re-tell with bodies beyond the compact, and that is why there will be a version of five-door, the Honda Civic Hatchback that leaks through the patent office.

The truth is that not many days ago we present in exclusive a mule testing such a model walking the roads of the south of Spain. At that time, we already knew that Honda wanted the Civic to come back to be more versatile, since at the Geneva motor show we showed you a preview of what is to come.

The new generation of Honda Civic will be global, and although the sedan body has already been filed in the united States, Europe has different rules and regulations approval. That is why we have already seen roll, and now seep through the patent office. Sure something more is coming.


will Grow in all its dimensions so as to be more comfortable and spacious

Obviously, the addition of doors will mean a change in the overall design of the car. will Be larger, with an estimated growth of 13 centimeters, the Civic will be able to show not only a greater load space, but a better livability for the occupants, especially the rear seats.

Mechanically and do not expect many new developments, so will be taken provided the blocks and the transmissions of your brother compact. What we don’t know is if there will be a version of Type S. a few days Ago we discovered a Civic Sedan with a lot of muscle to circulate in Europe. So you may have some extra power to come.

anyway still we will soon know the Honda Civic sedan or five-door, the development has not begun, and will last until the next year. It is clear that Honda wants to fight the other manufacturers that do have a body extended from its compact. A market quite booming in recent times.


The rear is very similar to that of his brother american