The Honda Civic hatchback return to the United States after a decade of absence


After 10 years of not appear in the catalogs of the United States, Honda Civic Hatchback prepares its return with the release of the tenth generation .


Honda-Civic-Hatchback L a British plant of Honda Swindon in England currently has excess capacity, which will be exploited for units Civic Hatchback , which will target the United States .

A recent report indicates that the British plant begin shipping the first units of the Civic hatchback to the US middle of next year , in an amount that has been determined around the 40,000 units .

is that Honda is struggling to make enough to try reduce the costs of its operation in Europe , after the market share of the brand was reduced to just 1 percent after the world and the departure of several of its models in that market economic recession, as is the case Accord.

The Swindon plant has capacity to produce 250,000 units per year in two lines, but nevertheless one of the lines, which has an annual capacity of 100,000 units is currently inactive.

The tenth generation Honda Civic will be launched in early 2016, with an innovative 1.5-liter turbo engine series. It is likely that this new strategy, the lines between European Civic and Americans begin to blur, so it is expected that both models have in their next generation much more in common than at present.

That would allow the UK factory supply units for North America, which will relieve other Honda plants currently to the limit of its productive capacity .





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