The Honda Civic Sedan Type R shown in video

In Europe we liked the compact, a few models in this segment have an extended version with five doors. However in other markets such as the u.s., these units achieved good sales quotas. The Civic Sedan 2016 is a good sample of that, and that is already underway and the sports version, the Honda Civic Sedan Type R.

this is Not the first time that we see it, but in video. The previous occasion that we had a chance to check it out was for another hard session of testing, at that time was intercepted at the Nürburgring, very far from the current scenario, Granada, where the climb to Sierra Nevada seems to be ideal for many brands.

There are notable differences between that first drive, intercepted and the one that concerns us in this video. The first, and most notable, is the back spoiler. we don’t know the reason why the appendix aerodynamic has disappeared, but it has been so. Perhaps it is necessary for a circuit as demanding as the German, but not so for conventional roads.


The testing unit loses the big back spoiler and one of its three exhaust outlets

The other change we noticed is in the exhaust. The Civic Sedan Type R on the Nürburgring showed us a unit with three tails escape. On this occasion, disappears one of them, the central, leaving two of generous size and located centrally in the rear bumper. It is obvious that Honda is testing different configurations and settings.

Apart from all this, not a guess any more changes. At a certain point in the video, almost at the end of the same, the Civic Type R we let them listen to your engine. An engine that is possibly derived from the Civic Type R european that we have already tested. that Is to say a block of four-cylinder turbo with a power output of 310 HP. A small missile that we will soon see in a format that is more familiar, though we doubt that comes to the old continent.