The Honda Civic Type R is filtered for a few hours before his presentation in Geneva

Honda Civic Type R filtrado

Every time there is some change in the Honda Civic, thousands of fans to the brand and the model you see as your pulse quickens. What will you do? What will improve or will be a failure? Do you keep the essence of always? But if, in addition to talk about the Honda Civic we talk about the variant prestacional Type R, the noise is much greater. The new Honda Civic Type R will be presented tomorrow at the Geneva motor show, but some photos have leaked ahead of its aesthetics.

In theory we should not be seeing these images of the new Type R as Honda would have reserved for tomorrow. The case is that, taking a look, we see that the new Civic Type R is very similar to the prototype that allowed to see in the latter part of 2016. Maintains a large number of elements and details with that conceptual model, which makes us see that Honda had a clear aesthetic image of the model from many months ago.

Honda Civic Type R filtrado

differences in this break-out generation of the compact japanese are evident. You just need to see it form side to discover that the silhouettes have very little to do from the three-quarters post. The shape of the body is much softer in the new model, with a silhouette that reminds of a model four-doors. Therefore, versions Type R also differ greatly among themselves.

Yes, we also asked by their propellant. The Honda Civic Type R current uses an engine of 2 liters with turbo and variable timing that delivers 310 HP to the front axle. At the time of its launch it became a madness, a madness that was followed by other sporty models in the competition. It seems to be that the signature japanese va to update and improve this mechanical, are expected to increase their mechanical performance. How long will it take Honda to bring it to the old layout of the Nürburgring to find the perfect lap?

Source – Auto Express

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