The Honda Civic want to reconquer US with an interesting version of the Coupé and turbo engines

One of the more important presentations that have taken place in the Hall of Los Angeles has been the of the new Honda Civic Coupe. After a ninth-generation of sluggish sales, aesthetics very little convincing and the reviews mediocre, Honda has put the batteries with the tenth generation of its best-selling excellence, the Civic. It is a Civic is very different to that enjoyed in Europe, but might come to our borders in the future. Its Coupe version is the spearhead of the reconquest of the u.s. market on the part of Honda.

The Honda Civic american has little to do with the european its platform and body are very different.

The compact with the body coupe was a format of vehicle very popular until a few years ago in the U.S. Although the crossover have been eating part of your cake, it is still a body popular that calls attention especially to a young audience. Although it is not as aggressive as the prototype presented in New York – has lost its huge rear spoiler or the exhaust-central – is dynamic and sport, discreetly. We like that you have kept the format the hatchback for the rear, which is really nice.

behind have maintained the spectacular optics, which occupy the entire width of the car. The profile is eye-catching as little, and the front is relatively discrete, though with a penetrating gaze. In the interior of this compact three-door we find a configuration identical to that of the Honda Civic of the tenth generation with the body of four doors. Honda abandon the experiments in the inner and bet a configuration of more conventional, simple and effective.

engine 1.5 i-VTEC Turbo marks the beginning of the disappearance of the air on the Honda.

the character of The car will be more marked in the future versions of sports, with finishes that promise to give more spice to this Honda and a possible version Type R, which according to all the rumors share engine 2.0 i-VTEC Turbo Type R european. A real bomb for which we will have to wait at least for a time. One of the main novelties in the range for 2016 Honda Civic Coupe are its engines, with one of the first additions to the range of a turbocharged small displacement.

Is a motor 1.5 i-VTEC Turbo, with 174 BHP of power and 236 Nm of torque. The second option is a 2.0 i-VTEC maximum power of 158 BHP of power. In both cases, can be ordered with a manual gearbox six relations or an automatic cash CVT. The turbo engine is a great novelty at the global level, and a definite proof of the disappearance of the naturally aspirated engines. It is almost 20 HP more powerful than the 2.0-litre has a lot more torque and its consumption approved in the U.S. is 6.7 l/100 km, identical to the atmospheric one.

the icing on The Civic Coupe is its connectivity and its gádgets: compatible with Android Auto, Apple Car Play, and applications of streaming music such as Pandora or SiriusXM satellite radio. Your navigation system has been designed by Garmin. Its lenses can be 100% LED, and details are typical of upper segments as a hand brake electric – over “pull hook” – or a complete suite of active safety, called Honda Sensing, which provides even braking automatically in case of impending collision.

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