The Honda Civic will occur only in UK for major world markets


The new generation Honda Civic be manufactured exclusively to England. From there he will supply major international markets. The CR-V concentrate its production Canada.


Honda-Civic-SI L to next-generation Honda Civic will become a global vehicle . Gone are differentiated versions Europe and America since along with globalization unify the model in one product.

A few days ago we learned that the Civic begin to reach the United States in its format hatchback, imported from England and just the news is related to this decision. It is that Honda wants group the production of certain products in certain plants distributed worldwide, in terms of improving productivity.

England will have exclusive rights to produce the Civic for major markets.

The British plant Swindon will be responsible for producing the Honda Civic for the local market, European and major markets around the world. However it will stop producing the CR-V, which now focus exclusively on the production plant in Alliston Canada.

In this context, Honda announced an investment an improvement plan adecuarán plant facilities in the UK , in order to produce the next generation the Civic, we assume that your new global nature should have bodies sedan and hatchback .

Thus unify the new Civic platform and design for everyone , while Honda will benefit from existing trade agreements between several blocks, depending on the model lead to markets most important.

It is not clear how they gravitate to this schema plants Mexico Brazil and Argentina especially Brazil currently produces the Civic for all region.

The next generation of Honda Civic is stipulated to market as a model 2017 so it should be known in any of the international lounges next year .





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