The Honda CR-Z is renewed and no, we will not be able to enjoy

it is not made honey for the mouth of the ass. That should be thinking of Honda, which has renewed its small sport hybrid, the Honda CR-Z . These images come from Japan, where it is still selling – but not in large quantities. The facelift affects both exterior and interior, but where is no change in the hybrid powertrain . The launch of a CR-Z internal combustion only rumored, but everything went up in smoke. Know the changes that have undergone this little hybrid.

A good facelift and a good dose of makeup

The Honda CR-Z is not sold in Europe for several years, due to its low sales.

Cosmetic changes are concentrated in the front of sport hybrid . The grille is more aggressive, with a honeycomb grille. Optical renew prominent bumpers and LED daytime also reshapes, with dynamic clusters for fog. At the rear is still no escape, but the rear bumper has been redesigned in full, with a small diffuser elegant. The rest of aesthetic innovations are new colors and new tires up to 17 inches .

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The interior has not changed the design but unveils a touch infotainment equipment a electric handbrake and new upholstered and trimmed. In these images the elegant upholstery of the seats and steering wheel paspuntes appreciated. As a novelty, the audio of this hybrid have active noise cancellation from the outside, isolating engine noise of the march. The speakers also pass channel sound engine into believing that we are riding a machine with over 137 hp.

The diameter of the front brake discs increased from 14 to 15 inches.

For mechanically no developments regarding the mechanics and used. We talked a semihíbrido Рthat is, can not circulate in pure electric mode Рwhere the electric motor is a simple thermal engine support 1.5 VTEC four cylinders. The total system power is 137 hp , enabling 0 to 100 km / h in 9.0 seconds. Its gearbox was manual, so that your driving does not resemble that of other hybrids, it is very different to that of a Toyota Prius, for example philosophy.

I had the opportunity to try the small CR-Z in his presentation, a few years ago when I was starting to write about in this car. I remember his driving was exciting , the thrust of the electric motor was equivalent to having a small “electric” turbo pushing at all times. Although he had a nice appearance, it was a commercial failure in Europe. Still the only hybrid with manual gearbox market, and likely will be the only hybrid manual will be produced.

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