The Honda CR-Z will be dismissed permanently in Japan is approaching his final death?

Still remember with sadness the day that the european subsidiary of Honda, decided to put an end to the marketing of the Honda CR-Z in the Old Continent. Since its introduction, the Honda CR-Z has always had good reviews among fans and specialized press, but sales never reached the expected level and the japanese firm decided to cut to the chase due to the lack of profitability that led to import the product. However, this was not the final death of the model since has followed the sale in important markets such as Japan or the U.S..

In fact, only a few months ago was presented the update of the Honda CR-Z, which included numerous new aesthetic but no change to level mechanic. Just 9 months after this facelift, the japanese division of Honda has announced that it will cease to market the model in the country. By way of farewell, have created a commemorative edition called Honda CR-Z Alpha Final Label.

honda-crz-final-label-6The new features introduced in this special edition are purely aesthetic. On the outside it is recognized by the metallic blue, that maybe the tone most characteristic of this model, and by the tires duotones, 17-inch. In the interior, we find a memorial plaque located next to the knob change, and the seats are sporty cut-embroidered with the words Final label. These are minor aesthetic touches, but enough to give it the touch of exclusivity that the farewell of this model deserves.

This withdrawal will take place only in Japan, but the Honda CR-Z is still on sale in markets like the US. However, the fact that it disappears from the catalog of his native country indicates that the definitive end of this model is very close to. The poor reception that it has had worldwide makes which Honda has reworked the approach of this innovative hybrid. There are voices that claim that the next generation will have a heat engine conventional, but the reality is that, for the moment, even it has been confirmed that going to be a new installment of the Honda CR-Z.

Source: Carscoops