The Honda engine already roars and Alonso will be the first to try it out


Yusuke Hasegawa has shown to be uneasy about the performance that will have the Honda engine 2017, which has broken with the previous concept in seeking to achieve the level shown by Mercedes from 2014.

But, while it is clear these and other unknowns, the first unit of this engine has already been put in place Tuesday in the home of McLaren in Woking. This has been confirmed by the Sports Director Eric Boullier, who has attended the celebration of the 110 years of Pirelli in the competition in which we have also presented the tires this season.

Boullier – has confirmed that it will be Fernando Alonso, who is in charge of testing the McLaren-Honda MCL32 for the first time– do you believe that the results achieved by the japanese in the bank of tests are promising and expected great things of the engine. “Honda is prepared and we are very pleased with the data that we are dealing with respect to what we’ll see this season. McLaren is going back to its rightful place in the Formula 1. The current F1 does not have limits and that allows you to improve and move forward more quickly, it is a fantastic challenge that we have ahead. I hope a championship exciting in that we will see until where we can go in the McLaren-Honda. There are No promises of results, only effort, work and willingness on the part of all members of the team starting Alonso and Vandoorne”, confirmed the French.

Mercedes in front, but not both

Many point to Mercedes and Red Bull as clear favourites to win, but Boullier is not at all clear that the germans will continue to dominate the championship. “I’m Not so sure that Mercedes will dominate this World, you are ahead of them all, even though it is obviously the car to beat, the benchmark for what has been achieved in recent years”, said the McLaren, however, continues to point to the engine as the differentiating element of the Formula 1’s current, especially once the teams are going to adapt their concepts of the aerodynamic initial of the cars winners. “you have to remember that the biggest differentiator of performance is the engine. We have a limit of fuel injected to the engine, so we’re all going to get to him, but to this day the biggest differentiator will be the engine. But with the new aerodynamics, some teams do a better job than others, so that at the beginning of the season, there will be differences, although teams will copy or integrate their concepts and we will have less disparity. But I think that will be more closely contested”.


The new regulation provides a range of possibilities for each team that until now were not viable and, for Eric Boullier, “it depends on each manufacturer” take advantage of it. “To McLaren is a totally new car and a brand new engine. We do not start from zero because we use past experience to make progress. We have No idea what they have done the rest. The first test in Barcelona will be to check the systems of the car, to understand it. The performance will see him more in the second test”, said the French.

how Suspensions active?

Another of the important issues is that of the auxiliary systems of the suspensions, with Ferrari at the head, are to be the subject of deep debate between the teams and the FIA. Boullier suggests that McLaren has a system in development, and advocates for opening the hand in order to avoid different interpretations of the regulations. “We are on top of that and in fact most of the teams we have been contacted by that. I think that Ferrari has a different interpretation of how they might do and try to impose their opinion, something that perhaps is not liked by other teams. I Think that we now have a consensus, that is to stay in the current regulation and perhaps to report more details to the FIA to better interpret what we are doing. The suspension is a fun topic. To be honest, perhaps we should leave it and copy the cars on the street, that is to retrieve the active suspension. At least then we would end the debate, but we currently have a policy very strict. Everything is subject to interpretation of the rules. You can force a concept, but can be interpreted in a completely different way. That is why Ferrari is trying to impose their point of view”, ended Boullier.