The Honda NeuV electric and autonomous earns money for you while you sleep


format Smart Fortwo, this electric makes by if only taxi.

If Toyota showed at CES an electric vehicle smart, whose Artificial Intelligence system is able to make the decision on if you only turn on the driving mode autonomous, Honda has gone a step further with the concept that has been presented in Las Vegas, as while the owner is not using this becomes a vehicle of transportation of passengers without a driver.

that Is to say, while the owner will not use, either during the day or night, the vehicle serves as a taxi, self-contained, going the same to pick up the passengers and transporting them. So while the owner is at home, the vehicle is making money for the. At a certain time, the vehicle would return home to recharge and be ready for that the owner could use.

This also you can even return to the network part of the energy stored in their batteries, in periods of high energy demand, so that the user can obtain the benefits on your electric bill (something prevalent in countries such as the united States).


the format is very simple, and has room for a scooter electric.

Called NeuV (New Electric Urban Vehicle), this prototype of the Honda has mechanical and electrical functions of driving an autonomous, managed by an Artificial Intelligence system that learns from the owner and gives advice to the user, as from a route alternative to the suggestions of music depending on the mood of the occupants.

The format is quite futuristic and urban, a small body minivan mostly glazed with silhouette type Smart Fortwo and a small cabin two-seater. The battery is 20 kWh, with system of load bi-directional wireless, and the engine is 55 kW, 74 HP, which would enable a range of autonomy between 160 and 322 kilometers.

it Has been designed in facilities of Honda north America and account
its small trunk with a scooter electric-type longboard,
so the user comes to the big city, parks and the route continues
in the scooter.