The Honda Odyssey new generation will be in Detroit

Honda Odyssey render

In Europe seems to have disappeared, but, in the american market, the big mpvs in the style of the Chrysler Pacifica and Honda Odyssey still have a legion of faithful customers. Honda with its large MPV Odyssey manages to grab a high percentage of the sales of this segment and after a slight fall in its records has decided that the next generation of this minivan will be unveiled in the upcoming Auto Show in Detroit.

The picture that illustrates this image is a render that belongs to the illustrator Randall but the next generation of this model should not differ much in their design. This item will be the spearhead of the fifth generation of the Odyssey because the brand wants this model mark a turning point both in style, propulsion systems, housing, interior, safety and driving dynamics.

Honda Odyssey

platform that will give life to this model will be an improved version of the riding the current Honda Pilot and Ridgeline. With it, the model will reduce its weight while improving its interior dimensions of livability. In addition, as an option you can ride a four-wheel drive to be able to incorporate new mechanics among which surely there will be hybrid versions.

The first version that will hit the streets will be the well-known block gas with 3.5 liters cubicaje and disposal V6 that yields a power of 250 hp. This mechanic, as it could not be of another form is associated to an automatic gearbox. In addition, depending on the requirement of power that has the driver able to work with three, four, or six cylinders to minimize the fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

In regards to safety and attending to the driving the Honda Odyssey will incorporate the most advanced systems that has the mark. Among them is the speed controller active, the brake assistant in emergency, several cameras spread around the massive perimeter of the car to control what happens around you and new systems of info-entertainment.

brought to the sale is scheduled for next summer and at that time you will face with the new Pacifica from Chrysler, and the renewed Toyota Sienna. While both will have to wait for the signature to confirm the date and their exact prices. A pity that do not sell in Euroa (as an official).

Source – Automotive News