The Honda Ridgeline will soon have company: the arrival of the Hyundai Santa Cruz is imminent

Hyundai will soon launch the that will be your first pick-up. It will be a car with a very similar concept to the recently introduced Honda Ridgeline. The Ridgeline are pick-ups that are based on an architecture of SUV with monocoque body and a more refined look, less gross, and less focused on the job. The news is that during the Detroit motor show, the CEO of Hyundai in the united States has announced that the pick-up, Hyundai Santa Cruz will be produced in series. “It will happen, what we don’t know exactly is when.”

The Hyundai Santa Cruz would be based on the Hyundai Tucson, currently the SUV best sellers of the brand.

The Hyundai Santa Cruz was presented as a prototype at the Detroit motor show last year, and since the first time caused an uproar among press and public. Based on the Hyundai Tucson production – whose sales are already being sensational – the Santa Cruz combines a body style very popular on the other side of the puddle with the attractiveness and practicality of a SUV conventional. The Honda Ridgeline are larger, but the Santa Cruz is aimed at the same type of customer: the one who does not want a pick-up conventional.

hyundai-santa-cruz-crossover-truck-10-1440pxTo be based on an SUV with unibody will be lighter, more comfortable and more efficient. The prototype employed a engine turbo 2.0 liters and 190 HP of power. To get to these parts in the form of production – it is not clear if it will be limited only to the united States – would use the same range of engines of the Tucson, and would be limited to gasoline engines sold in the U.S. The announcement of the production version will happen during this year and will come from Korea, where the R & D center is already in full development.

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