The Honda S660 and Civic Type R will receive the treatment Mugen

Approaching the Tokyo Auto Salon and Honda begins to advance its developments. Mugen laid a hand on the S660 and Civic Type R, with its standard kits car body and aerodynamic improvements and mechanical.

Honda S660 MugenAnd[19459010a]mong the developments that Honda will be carrying Tokyo Auto Salon that will take place from the 15th of January, are two works signed by Mugen. This is the S660 and Civic Type R, developed with the usual kits, body trainer japanese.

kei car receive exterior improvements that include a splitter front, new air intakes and a huge back spoiler, in addition to some improvements to the bumper rear and new side skirts.

while Mugen has not entered into details with respect to the mechanical enhancements, the engine 63 horses has received some improvements that according to what is pointed to ‘maximize the thrill of driving’.

Honda S660 Mugenalthough it is not clear that means that, in the us catalog are parties to improve the s660 with suspensions sports, upgraded brakes and a sports exhaust system less restrictive environment.

Civic Type R in both received a new grille, new splitter front horn and rear, as well as some flared wheel arches. In addition, they have replaced the back spoiler, the one format of most of the radical, similar to those used in the competitions. Here, too, Mugen has been deepened, because they were limited to report that it has worked in the wind tunnel to improve aerodynamic drag.

with Respect to the mechanical enhancements of the Type R have not been reported. The model series uses a turbo engine 2.0 with 310 HP and 400 Nm of torque, which allows you to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.7 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 271 km/h.

Honda Civic Type R Mugen Honda Civic Type R Mugen