The Honda S660 is a success in Japan


The successor of Honda Beat liked among the Japanese public, a Japanese public that has been responsible for the production of exhaust Honda S660 also leaving us with a peculiar record in their sales figures.

already has sold all production for this year, 8,600 units from Bloomberg warned.

it is easy to justify their success. It is two-seater, has the central engine and power is delivered to the rear axle. A fresh image, convertible, light … and we could go.

But how that success is reflected in the sales figures?

has sold the total production for Japan, the only market where sold, with 8,600 units intended for this 2015.

Among these 8,600 units sold Honda has run out of every five sales corresponded to 4 guests over 40 years.

About the Honda S660

Recall that the Honda mechanically S660 has a turbocharged three-cylinder 660 cc engine that develops an output of 64 horses .

You can learn more about the Honda S660 in the article “Honda S660 : 10 reasons why this sport has fallen in love (and will fall in love)”.

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