The hood of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabrio works so well

Mercedes-Benz Clase E Cabriolet Teaser

The image revealed Mercedes-Benz the other day new E-Class Cabrio would leave us with more questions than answers. Obviously the resemblance with his brother coupé should be a lot, because the difference is between the two models lies exclusively in its roof. However, and although the signature of the star is usually a continuation with their designs, we could find ourselves with a aesthetic sign of new and old.

everyone knows that the new generation of the E-Class Cabrio is mounted on the same platform of the current E-Class saloon. The previous model used a variant of the C-Class, and it was that its size and weight do not correspond with the marked by his rivals. Thanks to this architectural change, the new E-Class Cabrio will be lighter and should give better driving experience than its predecessor.

To liven up the wait until the Geneva motor show open their doors, the German house has decided to to launch an animated gif. It shows the operation of the new power top of the E-Class Cabrio. With this animation we can observe the interior trim and seats that will be the variant without a roof E-Class, Mercedes-Benz.

time that will the E-Class Cabrio to open and close don’t know, but it should be around 8 to 12 seconds. As is logical, the model of the house of the star will be the system that takes warm air on the nape of the driver and passenger Airscarf. In addition, the seats that mounts the model feature a leather upholstery in light color and show a set that purports to a quality of realization that stripe at a high level.

The roof will be of textile material and judging by the thickness of the same the E-Class Cabrio will feature a level of soundproofing high. Having this soft top will do that the weight of the model is reduced in a sensitive way. In addition, to protect the occupants will have a pyrotechnics system, that in the event of an accident it will deploy automatically.

The rest of the details have when the Geneva open its doors in a few days.

Source – Mercedes-Benz

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