The House of Muscle: The new series on the classics and more powerful muscles cars


Dodge Daytona prepared.

The scene muscle car classic american is very attractive to the time that a mystery for the amateur european. As a good example of this, it is enough to verify as the vast majority of fans on this side of the atlantic point out in the first place to the Mustang and Camaro as part of the universe muscle car, when it actually belonged to a separate segment – at least initially – the of the pony cars.

The pony cars were vehicles less powerful mechanically that the muscle cars original, born also in the decade of the sixties, and with a price geared towards a younger audience and lower purchasing power. However, the future of the market made the line between pony cars and muscle cars are diluyera so much so, that for anyone outside of the united States barely has a difference.

While the muscle cars were in most cases unique models, without versions, or unique versions, distinguished with a new name, the pony cars were models, who had a full range, with multiple mechanical options, and the versions most powerful rivalry in some cases, the muscle cars and therefore were considered as such. As an example, since 1967 within the Pontiac we were able to find the regarded universally as the first muscle car, the Pontiac GTO, and the Firebird, a pony car based on the same platform as the Camaro and that, as this quickly had versions very powerful.


Dodge Charger R/T

After the energy crises of the seventies, some pony cars managed to survive until our days, such as Mustang and Camaro, being its most radical versions current considered as true muscle cars. Hence, the specialized media the it should be remarked as such, but never to a base version such as the Mustang and Camaro 4-and 6-cylinder.

it Is true that the term after several decades of use, it has deformed quite a bit, and few remember already what were the initial characteristics of the vehicles for which it is coined. The muscle car were vehicles 2 doors and at least four seats, with a mechanical, very high performance but sufficiently affordable to the average customer might buy it. Hence, the Corvette has never been stated as such.

For many amateurs, american, musclecar classics remain an object of desire and fascination, something of the culture’s vehicle of that continent – we speak not only of americans – and are the most important part of the motorsports classic on the other side of the Atlantic.


Ford Mustang GT gen-5 prepared.

For this reason, the latest creation from Motor Trend is a new program called “The House of Muscle”, directed by Mike Musto takes us into this fabulous world, and that Europe really only comes to us a fragment.

The first episode, which is a good sample of the spirit of the program, is now available on Youtube and we can see the personal collection of the presenter. We will to guide from their own personal perspective through the models that has.

let us Remember that a large part of the motoring classic is pure passion, does not adhere to any logical criterion, and is strongly influenced by what each vehicle inspires its owner or collector, and thus is born the economic value that have the classic cars (not to be confused with historical), in the availability and amount of fans that may want them.


Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Turbo 1981.

In this chapter of “The House of Muscle”, we can see a Dodge Charger R/T, a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Turbo, a Chevy Monte Carlo (vehicle that you use every day even), a Ford Mustang GT prepared and a spectacular Dodge Daytona, also highly prepared, one of the muscle cars more rare and spectacular that we can find, as we have said on several occasions.

the value of the collection of Musto is very high, especially the Dodge, although in this case the program does not focus so much on the market value of the same but in the true spirit that holds the universe of muscle cars.