The huge explosion of Tianjin is carried forward thousands of cars

If at this point you have not heard of the gigantic explosion that shook possibly port city of Tianjin live as a hermit, isolated from society. An explosion of dimensions difficult to believe, caused by the accidental explosion of chemical materials – explosives or according to other sources. Although China tries to block data about this tragic event, it is believed to have been at least 50 deaths. In addition, thousands of newly imported cars in China have been completely burned.

The equivalent of 21 tons of dynamite

The port of Tianjin is the world’s tenth largest, and one of the largest in China.

The port of Tianjin is a hub of import to China, and is one of the main routes into China imported vehicles due to its proximity to Beijing. It is estimated that the explosion – of force equivalent to 21 tons of TNT and left a crater several hundred meters – has been brought forward to 8000 vehicles. Some fell prey to the explosion, but most vehicles were burned with fire, which burned uncontrollably for hours. More than 1,000 firefighters from across China took days off.

explosion-china-tianjin-2 Volkswagen has lost about 2,750 cars in this event, of which there were 1,065 Volkswagen Touareg, 391 Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen Tiguan 257 114 Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen up !, 84 39 28 Volkswagen and Volkswagen SportsVan Passat, plus other unspecified 770 units. Renault has lost about 1,500 cars and Hyundai-Kia , which also used the port of Tianjin for unloading vehicles, have lost no less than 4,000 cars . Automotive losses about 420 million are estimated.

a hard time for different insurers involved in this terrible event, which should also cover damaged hundreds of buildings and the destruction of almost all port infrastructure, severely damaged the local economy and competitiveness. In the background are only material damages, since the true severity of this explosion have been at least 50 dead and over 700 wounded , again according to official sources. The real figure is probably much higher. It is almost a joy that there has been more personal injury: Tianjin is home to 15 million people


explosion-china-tianjin-4 At the fountain you can see videos of the explosion, which seemed to us ethical collect in our space.

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