The human factor: guilty of 90% of traffic accidents

traffic accidents remain the eternal unfinished business of our society, and it is that although we can see close to a technological future that boasts of zero accidents, still today 90% of traffic accidents are the responsibility of the human being. With this data at the point-of-sight it is clear that there is still much work to be done, although the responsible entity of these data, CESVIMAP, already points out to us that begin to notice the benefits of the first systems security self-employed. After all it seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

multa-sin-seguro-01Although the technology begins to help us to prevent accidents, there is nothing more effective than a good education and training road

With reason I Day Technology and Road Safety where they have participated different organizations and firms such as CESVIMAP, the General Directorate of Traffic, Ministry of public works, or Volvo among many others, has come to the fore the importance that still has the driver in this objective of reducing traffic accidents. The technology is coming slowly to assist the driver, but the education and training of road remains today the most effective tool to prevent accidents.

this Said, it has been the Center of Experimentation and Road Safety MAPFRE (CESVIMAP), who has thrown more light on the causes on the thousands of traffic accidents that occur on our road. As we advance, 90% of accidents are caused by human factors: mistakes, slips, violations, etc Right in this assertion he pointed out that the the systems of braking, autonomous emergency alert and collision imminent are the technologies that today more are helping to avoid such accidents related to human factors.

150048_The_all_new_Volvo_XC90_City_Safety_IntersectionOur cars will be increasingly difficult to repair, the sensors are already counted in the dozens

But the reality of these security technologies and driving assistance is that they are just present on our roads. We talk of technologies of last generation that little by little they begin to reach the cars of new manufacture, requiring several years to expand its implementation. At the same time neither should we forget that the aging of the fleet Spanish, something that leads us to another factor just as important when it comes to safety.

impago-poliza-seguro-coche-2CESVIMAP has also not wanted to miss the arrival of these cars increasingly technological. The complexity of cars and the degree of specialisation required for its repair are a vital aspect for the whole sector dedicated to the repair of the cars. Traffic accidents will continue to occur until the realization of that idea of cities filled with cars 100% autonomous, so that will be very important to require the highest degree of quality in the repairs and calibration of safety systems after an accident by very slight it is, because nowadays it is easy for an average vehicle already employs dozens of sensors infrared, ultrasonic, video cameras, accelerometers, radar…

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