The Hyperloop will have its first flight between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

HyperloopThe Hyperloop is the revolutionary means of transportation that Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors, wants to turn into real. This means of transport was presented in society the past year 2013 and thanks to its vacuum system is able to transport people at a speed of up to 1100 kilometers per hour. Therefore, if we had one of them in Spain, we could make a Seville Barcelona in a matter of an hour or an hour and a half.

Its design is very revolutionary, as today there is no system for the transport of persons (and goods in the future) able to move at this speed. And like everything new and flashy comes to Dubai and Abu Dhabi before to any website, have already begun work to establish the construction of the first stretch functional of this system of transport.

As reported to the authority in charge of roads and transport in Dubai has signed a preliminary agreement with the company Hyperloop One in the next few weeks to start the first phase of the feasibility study of the project Hyperloop. This system is considered as one of the most ambitious in recent history. If it eventually thrives on the inhabitants of both cities will be able to go from one to another in 12 minutes, when it would take two hours by car and one and a half by train.

Hyperloop One has been reported that the wagons to transport people to have a capacity of between six and one hundred passengers. The positive quality of this system is its flexibility because it allows the company to operate the system to decide the capacity of their wagons as well as the number of wagons that comprised the convoy.

today Hyperloop has already carried out a first pilot trial. It was in may of this year and according to officials it has been a total success. However still remain unresolved such important issues as the high costs which involves setting up the system as well as the repercussions that could result to the health of the people as their bodies are subjected to pressures very high.

We will be attentive to see what happens and how it carries out the development of the project. In the meantime we will dream with the power to make a Seville Barcelona while we take a coffee.

Source – Hyperloop One