The Hyundai Crete could be manufactured in Mexico

Hyundai could be evaluating the manufacturing of Crete in Mexico. This is a SUV B-segment that could become a hard rival for the Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3.

hyundai-cretaPor the time is not only more than a rumor, but from the mexican publication behind The Wheel claim that Hyundai might be preparing the production of the Crete in the form local. Hyundai confirmed for mid-2016 the launch of a new model in Mexico, but for the moment it is unknown what it will be.

however, the arrival of the Hyundai Crete to the mexican market has a certain logic I understand in mind that Honda already produces the HR-V local and Mazda already offers the CX-3, among many other brands that try to achieve their share in the increasingly crowded segment of the B-SUV.

Hyundai is going through a very good time in the mexican market, with a volume of sales this year marked a growth of 172%, in part thanks to the Grand i10, a product that has managed to be marketed very well in the local market.

Hyundai Crete is the name for the international markets of the ix-25 marketed in China. Account with an aesthetic exterior inspired by the design language Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 that gives life to several current models of the brand in south korea. Stands out by offering a high safety equipment and comfort.

At the mechanistic level has a VTVT 1.6-liter with 123 HP and two options diesel: a CRDi 1.4-liter with 90 HP and a 1.6-litre CRDi with 128 HP, which can be associated to a manual change or automatic, in both cases 6 speed.