The Hyundai Grandeur/Azera 2017 it’s official and this is her final design

Hyundai Grandeur/AzeraHyundai is a brand that has evolved exponentially during the last decade. Their cars have stopped being perceived by consumers as cheap or quality just. The brand has managed to change this old perception thanks to very hard work and because they have bet very strong for that their cars have a quality of performance, technology and safety at the height of his strongest rivals.

however, not all markets are equal, as some are more demanding than others, and among the first are the united States. In him Hyundai sold his saloon Grandeur or Azera (depending on the country) and in these moments, the brand is presenting the that is your sixth generation. The other day my buddy Mario I brought the first sketches of how it would be to his design and today we bring you the official images provided by brand.

Hyundai Grandeur/AzeraHyundai has not disappointed with the design of your Grandeur/Azera. Together we can see an interesting style in which combine strokes that will provide a chic design to pair dynamic. The first thing that will attract customers will be your managed profile. From headlamps front to the rear we can see some clear lines that give it a style that’s very fluid and defined. The new aesthetic language of the brand is evident in the large calender front as well as a hood long and well sculpted. The back shows a ceiling down to coupe styling complemented by a discreet spoiler integrated into the trunk lid.

Hyundai Grandeur/AzeraIf we go inside we can see and touch high-quality materials for all parts. Hyundai has not wanted to neglect this section of the Grandeur/Azera. The dashboard is dominated by a touch screen integrated in the top. It is foreseeable that since she can handle a multitude of vehicle functions that the there are a large number of buttons in the cockpit.

Below it we find the air vents and the command for commanding the radio and the climate control. Everything is very organized and with a logical layout. If we spend behind the wheel, it integrates the controls to manage the speed control, the radio and the phone. The seats of driver and front passenger are very well finished in leather and feature multiple settings, as well as heating.

To finish we must mention that Hyundai has announced that the style, Grandeur/Azera may also be found, with slight variations, in the next Hyundai for the european market.

Source – Hyundai