The Hyundai i10 receives a new variant of LPG for 13.765 €

At the end of last year to 2016, the asian brand allowed us to prove in your presentation the new Hyundai i10, a update of its second-generation. Without doubt, it was a car that gave us good feelings, because in spite of having a few exterior dimensions, contained, his cabin was very well taken advantage of, which is one reason we believe that it is a purchase quite rational. In addition, its selling price is not high, and transmits a good feeling of quality to a segment as the A.

The Hyundai i10 is offered with two engines of gasoline, a three-cylinder 1-liter cubicaje and 67 HP, and another 1.2-liter and 87 CV. It is not necessary to a greater range of mechanical with higher or lower figures of power, as for the concept of the car are sufficient. The case is that now the signature asian puts on sale an variant that uses the mechanics of lower power and provides everything you need to be able to use GLP for a price 13.765 € .

What elements added to this version of GLP

This version, therefore, you can use both fuels to their explosion in the interior of the cylinder. As is logical, it has two magazines fuel, one for petrol and another for LPG (27 litre for LPG), two filling ports, a switch for the driver to select one or the other fuel and a second witness fuel level to know how much LPG we have. Yes, the boot capacity is partially affected, since it loses about 34 liters and they are left with 218.

Advantages of the LPG

Among the main advantages of this version of LPG, as in all the cars that are fitted, we find the savings by the lower price of this fuel, lower emissions of CO2 to the environment in comparison with a variant of gasoline, a greater autonomy by having two fuels and the eco-label of the DGT.

in Addition to the above, we must not forget that the assistance and bonuses as a savings of up to 75 % on the road Tax, exemption from the payment of registration tax, with the possibility of driving on the BUS lanes HOV Madrid when it is allowed, access to the interior of the madrid M-30 days restrictions for pollution and a saving of 50 % when parking in areas to BE. In Barcelona will have discounts on certain toll roads and free access to the HOV C-58.

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