The Hyundai i30 debuts restyling and turbocharged gasoline

hyundai i30 restyling 6 El Hyundai i30 estrena restyling y motor turbo de gasolina No doubt today is still a very important news regarding day. If you thought that by now the day you were not going to see anything go wrong, because today Hyundai has taught all his letters and also the restyling of the i40 and the new i20 Coupe has also launched the facelift for Hyundai i30 , one of the most successful models of the Korean company. The Hyundai i30 brings important news with restyling , which emphasizes above all else the new turbo engine makes this car has some sporting aspirations.

In 2015 he hit dealerships restyling of this model, which is credited with compact bodies of three and five-door and the Cw familiar. The most striking changes are aesthetically located grille, with a sharper hexagonal as well as new wheels 16 and 17 “and the white, orange and black colors in addition to other existing options. The Hyundai i30 turbo if it looks a much more differentiated picture.

hyundai i30 restyling 14 El Hyundai i30 estrena restyling y motor turbo de gasolina

News about engines

The engine range will consist of two 1.6 diesel 110 and 136 horses power and disappearing 1.4 90 bhp. The most powerful before delivering 128 horses. In gasoline range goes from 100 to 186 horses. The 1.4 engine 100 hp and access to the range has been replaced by a new, lighter 14 kilos and improves the efficiency of Hyundai i30. In a medium term will be the 1.6 naturally aspirated 120 hp and 135 GDI, being the next step the turbo. A new automatic gearbox dual-clutch seven-speed for the 1.6 atmospheric gas is released.

To reduce consumption engines feature Stop & amp; Start, regenerative alternator and active front grille , which closes the cooling ducts when this is not necessary and improves aerodynamics, reducing fuel consumption. In terms of active safety, the warning system lane departure will be offered.

Hyundai i30 Turbo

hyundai-i30-restyling-3 The new Hyundai i30 Turbo is undoubtedly what is generating more excitement. Engine 1.6 Turbo GDI direct injection gasoline are extracted 186 horses . Not a huge amount of power and will certainly not overshadow cars like the Golf GTI, but with this model developed in N├╝rburgring, Hyundai offers a spicier alternative to its customers. It is the same engine that uses the Veloster Turbo. Does 0-100 in 8.0 seconds.

Here it the aesthetic changes are much more noticeable with front completely different and a rear that looks a diffuser with two tailpipes. A level of chassis will feature lower and firmer suspension, more direct steering and alloy wheels 18 “. While in normal Hyundai i30 not appreciate changes in the interior, in this i30 turbo will see some new sports seats better lateral grip, box sports watches and decorative details like contrasting red stitching and applique in the same color.

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