The Hyundai i30 Fastback has been caught doing his last test validation

Prueba Hyundai i30

The Hyundai i30 is the revelation of the house south Korean for this 2017. This model is very important for the firm because it represents an important part of its sales in our country. For this reason, the managers of the firm decided to launch the new generation acapararían all spectra potential customers within the segment of compact vehicles.

we Already know about the variant five-door and in a matter of days we may see an official family member. However, throughout 2018 we will see the arrival of two new versions sports a and another of a more elegant and dynamic. The Hyundai i30 fastback will have a body style coupe, but in keeping with its five-door intact and without losing part of its livability.

Prueba Hyundai i30

As it is about the time that must be presented (at some point this year or early next), Hyundai engineers are carrying out the corresponding test of validation. Thanks to them, the photographers spy CarPix and Motor1 we have been able to see the first pictures of this model, although as is logical with a high layer of camouflage.

On an aesthetic level, we can not say a lot, because the layer that prevents us from seeing detail is somewhat dense. However, we must say that the front should keep a high similar to that of his brother hatchback. On the fastback if you can confirm that your roof will have a fall to the coupe styling and that the height of the whole will be clearly lower.

Photos of its interior, nor are there, but to avoid increasing the costs of development and sale, the i30 fastback will feature the same interior that their brothers-in-range. At the mechanistic level, we don’t expect many changes, because the current range of engines that have the i30 is very wide and therefore no new developments are foreseen (we also could not rule out the arrival of a version with more spicy, although it is reserved for the N version).

Upcoming news when it filtered more data or have any photo to show. Meanwhile, it is waiting for the mark to speak or communicate when it will be presented in a formal manner.

Source – Motor1

Hyundai i30
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