The Hyundai i40 gets its first restyling

hyundai i40 restyling 2 El Hyundai i40 recibe su primer restyling The Hyundai i40 is one of those cars that have hard to find a gap in the market. The premium all share the cake in the D segment and many general seen as a hard win over customers, despite having great products like the i40 in the case of Koreans. To make this attractive model, the brand now presents restyling affecting the bodies of four doors and relative Cw.

The new model not only renews its image, but also makes use of more powerful and efficient engines , a new automatic gearbox and technology for driving. In this way the Hyundai i40 is more competitive with its rivals, many of which are more modern and play with an advantage in some respects.

hyundai i40 restyling 4 El Hyundai i40 recibe su primer restyling exterior design changes focus on headlights and taillights , in addition to the more marked and in line with the latest brand arrivals hexagonal grid. The front bumper is also new and incorporates headlights LED lamps . The alloy wheels between 16 and 18 “are also renewed. In the cabin there are no notable changes.

More technology

hyundai-i40-restyling-3 The main new features for this model shall be Advanced Traction Adaptive Cornering controlY rear suspension, both two elements that are not available in all markets. The first improves the dynamic behavior of the car, the brakes emulate the functions of a limited slip differential, optimizing traction and making the most effective car curve. The second system is only available in the familiar body and allow various settings.

The driver may also enjoy short-long automatic recognition system and signal lights , which displays information on TFT watches new box. The two sound available and browser touchscreen are also new batch.

Mechanical range renewed

hyundai-i40-restyling-1 The engine range of Hyundai i40 receive updates and now only offered with two diesel mechanics. The 1.6 GDI petrol disappears . 1.7 CRDi engine is available with 115 and 141 hp, the latter being 5 hp more powerful than before. Both are associated with six-speed manual gearbox, while the more powerful can opt for a automatic gearbox double clutch seven speeds, which replaces the previous automatic six. Both come standard with Stop & amp; Start, intelligent alternator and eco-flaps, which close the front air intake when so cooling is not needed, improving aerodynamics and consumption


Source – Hyundai

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