The Hyundai IONIQ can be seen more in detail in two new teaser

Hyundai IONIQa little over a week we had the first news of the Hyundai IONIQ, one of the next models of the hyundai brand, which is planned for 2016. The first image that we saw of the Hyundai IONIQ was a dark teaser that revealed the lines of her body. Now we can make ourselves better to the idea of this new model, since the brand has posted two new teasers of the IONIQ.

The first shows the exterior detail. It is a saloon liftback with a few general ways similar to the Prius and Insight, pro to maximize the aerodynamics. The Hyundai IONIQ will be one of the maximum exponents of Hyundai in terms of alternative mobility, as will a variant 100% electric, hybrid, plug-in and a hybrid, still, if no one comes forward, the first model in the world to offer all three alternatives. It has been developed on a unique platform, which will allow a good use of interior space.

Hyundai IONIQthe interior of The Hyundai IONIQ has also been advanced with a teaser that shows some forms close to those of other models of the brand. Despite the degree technology of the new model, the interior retains a conventional aspect and has a box of clocks-digital and a generous screen for the multimedia computer. It seems that a few touches of blue will be in charge of highlighting the technological aspect and eco-friendly.

have Not revealed more details regarding the Hyundai IONIQ, that will be unveiled in Korea in January of 2016 and that will also be displayed in the Salons of New York and Geneva.

Source – Hyundai