The Hyundai IONIQ cornerstone for the growth of the brand

Prueba Hyundai Ioniq HíbridoThe Toyota Prius has since the year 1997, dancing to their hearts content for the world. Since that date, which went on sale in Japan, until now that is already present in most international markets has been alone and without direct competition (ignoring certain models of Honda). However the year 2016 has been a turning point for the firm and the model already has reached the market the one that will be your worst nightmare.

Hyundai, unlike Toyota does not have much tradition in the automotive sector, has experienced in the last decade a very important development that puts it ahead of many of its rivals on issues such as design, quality or technology. So great has been their evolution in a matter of half a decade has been able to accelerate their research to create a rival to the height of the archi-known Toyota Prius.

Hyundai IONIQThe Hyundai IONIQ is the first model of the story that is based on a platform that is adapted to accommodate in its interior to three different types of mechanical. The first that has come to the market is the hybrid traditional that we all know. The second that will come is the hybrid plug-in ready to start their march on electric mode. And the third installment of this model will be a pure electric and hard about 280 kilometers between recharges.

So important is the IONIQ to the mark that the Korean company is going to bet heavily on him. The changes in society and the developments that are suffering from the buyers placed the model in a position very advantageous with respect to its rivals (present and future). According to Mike O’brien, vice president of corporate planning and product of Hyundai, the firm at the time of the launch of new models is going to focus on the Millennials.

This group of the society every day is more important and influential at the time of establishing patterns of behavior to carry out a purchase of high involvement as it is a car. In addition, each day are more concerned with the care of the environment and new technologies so that future Hyundai models will be based on these two basic premises.

Will have to see the evolution of their future models and how the firm opens a new path to the models green.

Source – Hyundai