The Hyundai IONIQ, Electric will come to Spain, as soon, at the end of march

Hyundai IONIQ El├ęctrico

The new Hyundai IONIQ, Electric will come to Spain at the end of march.

Hyundai has taken advantage of the celebration of the Geneva motor show 2017, to make the set of throughout the new Hyundai IONIQ Plug-in, that is to say, the variant with a mechanical hybrid plug-in. We can say that “the family is already complete”. Or at least it will be in some markets. Currently the signature south Korean is marketing the Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid model (that we were able to test not so long ago) as well as the Hyundai IONIQ, Electric.

however, and in the case of the pure electric version, its marketing has not been started in all the markets. And Spain has been one of the european countries that have remained outside of its landing. The arrival in the concessionaires of Spanish of the Hyundai IONIQ, Electric was planned for the second half of November 2016. As we can see, have already spent more than three months and there is no trace of this model for the Spanish roads.

Have been several delays which has suffered from the launch of the IONIQ, Electric in Spain and it came to a situation in which nor the own Spanish subsidiary knew a specific date of the start of marketing in our market. Well, taking advantage of the Geneva motor show 2017, we were able to check some internal sources of Hyundai that they confirmed to us that his coming is very close.

Hyundai IONIQ El├ęctrico - posterior

The Hyundai IONIQ, Electric should be on sale in Spain since mid-November of 2016.

If there is no setback, the Hyundai IONIQ, Electric will come to Spain at the end of this month of march. Even so, it is not confirmed yet 100%, so that even we can go to April. In any case, his arrival is imminent. The first units will arrive at dealers in a matter of a few weeks.

Currently the Hyundai IONIQ, Electric is the sales in those european markets where the electric vehicle has a greater demand. In the Netherlands, Germany, France, or Norway are some of the countries in which we can find with this electric car rolling on the roads. Very soon we add to this list.

while we have not been able to learn the real reasons that have brought Hyundai to slow down (several times) the launch of the IONIQ, Electric in Spain, everything points to that this is a strategy very similar to that followed by Opel with the Ampera-e, a model that will not be for sale in our market until 2018 at the earliest. The number of registrations of electric vehicles is still very small in Spain as the network of charging points. And although it is undeniable that continue to grow year after year, we are still very far from our nordic neighbours”.