The Hyundai IONIQ is the Toyota Prius, Korean, and also promises a 40% thermal efficiency

Hyundai has taken advantage of the conjuncture of technology CES to introduce the first official details of its new hybrid. The Hyundai IONIQ is the first dedicated hybrid from Hyundai, a car that has in its sights only to the Toyota Prius. In the future it will also be available with a train thruster-electric or hybrid plug-in, but for the moment, we only have a few details on the hybrid version. This is all that we know about the car with which Hyundai wants to beat the almighty Prius.

Hyundai IONIQ has been developed as a dedicated hybrid, and also boasts a thermal efficiency that is unsurpassed.

At the design level, Hyundai only teaches us a picture of your behind. A behind with a design Kammback, created with the aim of improving the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle. Is it similar to the Prius? Of course, yeah, to the point that your rear window is also split by design requirements. Lenses LED with a familiar air and a bumper of simple appearance top a behind that is not too exciting. A good counterpoint to the rear of the new Toyota Prius, which perhaps is too exciting.

we do Not know how will be your front, but we do know that its interior has a simple appearance, no surprises. Beyond a few frames of blue for the centre console and instrumentation TFT, it would be complicated to of good to first identify the IONIQ as a dedicated hybrid. Even though its functionality is the same, the Toyota Prius has an interior more techie that it can attract in to a greater extent to the potential purchaser of a hybrid. This is it, Hyundai wants the public of their hybrid is more plural than that of a Prius.

A dedicated hybrid, very efficient, but also fun

The cooling of the engine block and the cylinder head is independent to a thermal efficiency comparable to that of the new Prius.

And for this, they have worked very hard in several key respects. In the first place, they have developed a new engine 1.6 GDi for this hybrid vehicle. It is a motor the maximum power of petrol with 105 HP of power, which is coupled to a electric motor from 47.5 HP. The gasoline engine announces a thermal efficiency of an impressive 40%, possibly by functioning in Atkinson cycle (not confirmed). We don’t know the exact figure of combined power, but it will be between the 130 HP and 150 HP, with all security.

The power is transmitted to the front axle through a gearbox DCT double clutch. This gearbox is exclusive to this hybrid vehicle and announces an efficiency record of 95.7 per cent. It remains to be seen what consumption that announces this car, but have difficult to beat the data, approved of the Toyota Prius fourth generation: 3.0 l/100 km Hyundai announces that the lithium polymer battery IONIQ has been mounted toward the front of the car, and very low, allowing to lower its center of gravity.

Thanks to a tune-up, dynamic and independent suspension in the rear, Hyundai says its hybrid is a fun car to drive. Since then, his approach is different to the Prius, which employs a gearbox CVT and is more focused on efficiency and pure, with a thermal engine of 98 HP and a combined output of 122 HP. Toyota also sells its Prius as a fun car, so we will have to check on your time which is more fun from the point of view of the driver.

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