The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell beats the record of land speed for its category


The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell is the fastest vehicle on earth in its category

The Hyundai ix35 has become the SUV with a hydrogen engine manufactured in series fastest on earth. The multi-purpose vehicle Korean has reached the 152,24 km/h on the adverse conditions of the Soggy Dry Lake Bed in the California desert.

Reached 152,24 km/h with respect to the 160 km/h maximum

A priori the number does not seem excessively high, but the terrain of that area, smooth and sandy, is highly complicated and we must also take into account that the maximum speed of the SUV from Hyundai is located in the 160 km/h.

The manufacturer stresses that the high height of this compact SUV has benefited to go through with security the desert terrain that surrounds the lake bed. In addition, it boasts without emitting a single gram of harmful emissions to the environment. Vehicles powered by hydrogen only throw water vapor by the exhaust pipe.

When we talk about the ix35 (Tucson in other markets) Fuel Cell we are referring to the vehicle that boasts of being the first hydrogen manufactured in series for sale in Europe and the first of this category that has sold in Spain. The hydrogen fuel cell serves to feed the batteries where a electric motor extracts the energy to turn the wheels.

The ix35 has a range approved 594 km with a single tank, which requires only a few minutes to return to be loaded with hydrogen again. Only in California 100 units of this particular model are circulating on a daily basis by their roads and cities, since the start of sales in those lands in summer of 2014.