The Hyundai Santa Cruz pick-up have the green light, and we will see it soon

Hyundai Santa Cruz pick upexactly a year Ago, in the past Detroit motor show 2015, Hyundai came up with a prototype that they stole numerous glances, the Hyundai Santa Cruz. The reason was clear, the hyundai brand was more than willing to to launch their first pick up. And what is true is that the news was a common theme. Until now. The koreans will launch his pick-up, and although it does not say exactly when, you can be sure that it will be relatively soon.

The reason is that there is no better time to do so. In full evolution of the segments, the pick up have also wanted to invoke this renewal that allows them to a wider market. Are becoming not only tools for the job, but also leisure, what you need of comfort, quality, technology and equipment. That is what that promises us the future, Hyundai Santa Cruz.

Hyundai Santa Cruz pick upa Multitude of pick-up of new generation have been passed to this method of winning a new customer that needs a car better finish, more versatile. The Santa Cruz is in the new Tucson is a perfect base, a SUV that will come with back box but with a design and layout more graceful for a “all use”.

His aspect, more conservative than in the prototype, would be based in the Tucson, with the new style that many positive arguments you are giving to Hyundai in their latest releases. Again, we find a similarly equipped, adding elements of comfort already expected in any new launch as a multimedia system with connectivity to our smartphone or gadgets of safety such as the control of dead angle.

Hyundai has confirmed the arrival of their Santa Cruz pick up, and I don’t know if we will keep the name. Do not dare to give us a departure date, but taking into account the offensive product from the manufacturer and the arrival of competitors of new generation, is expected to be a matter of months.