The Hyundai Santa Fe goes on tour… it’s Antarctica!

Hyundai Santa Fe

Almost without changes with respect to the original model. So, here is how the venture crossing Antarctica, the Hyundai Santa Fe, driven by Patrick Bergel; great-grandson of Sir Ernest Shackleton, browser Age Heroic. In order to pay homage to the impressive feat that made Shackleton at the beginning of the TWENTIETH century. Hyundai does not hesitate to put up your model router, and to mark a milestone in one of the most inhospitable places on the planet.

In the year 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton wanted to get going in the search of unknown lands in the famous Expedition Imperial Transantártica. Despite not being able to finish his mission, Shackleton remained alive to your entire crew for several weeks in some extreme weather conditions. Your exemplary behavior, gave rise to its name is currently recognized as one of the explorers most courageous and daring of the story.

Hyundai Santa Fe

The great-grandson of the renowned explored Sir Ernest Shackleton, Patrick Bergel has marked a before and an after in the major milestones of the automotive industry. Bergel, has become the first person, in the hands of a passenger car, has crossed Antarctica. The route includes the distance that separate Union Field, McMurdo within only 30 days. The same tour was conducted by Shackleton more than 100 years ago.

The difficulties are multiple. Low temperatures (down to-28ºC), for a total distance which is close to 5.800 Km and above all; a path completely uncertain and variant since, the team of Hyundai had to update its roadmap in a multitude of occasions due to the differences in the terrain of the theory with respect to practice. In fact, the Santa Fe ventured to draw paths that never before had been trodden.

Hyundai Santa Fe

What were the amendments that were introduced in the Santa Fe? Well, first of all, the Hyundai Santa Fe part of the database engine 2.2 CRDI 200 HP. On it, it is settled new axis type gantry reduced by 50% in the final development. In this way, it offers gears shorter to improve traction in difficult terrain. On the other hand, introduced a new suspension on high with the addition of a tire-specific oversized. Virtually everything else is original.

at The end of the journey, Bergel said: “What we did, even though it was a thousandth part as hard as they did, it was an amazing trip and an amazing achievement”.

Source – Hyundai

Hyundai Santa Fe
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